Video of Laser-Powered Quadrocopter Endurance Flight

Written by on Friday, November 12th, 2010

Below is a video showing the entire twelve and a half hours of laser-powered UAV flight (on a 5-minute battery) demonstrated at the end of October in the Future of Flight Aviation Center, with our partner Ascending Technologies.

Please contact us if you are interested in adding infinite duration wireless power to your UAV!

I want to give huge thanks to Owen Kindig of Ztoryteller not only for making the great video, but for his hard work, dedication, and creativity.


  1. First off …Very impressive…have been very interested in tesla’s wireless power transmission technology for years. I and my partner charles miller are in the finishing stages of launching our product of 3,4,6,8,12,16…rotor airframes for the usa side of designs and distribution and hope to further with newer tech advances in upcoming power technology…would love to see your specs on how you performed this great inovation of transmission. Sincerly Anthony Creel and Charles Miller.

  2. Bernhard says:

    Wow, I read about this, but didn´t see the video. That was world record. They finished the experiment after 12,5 houres, but they could fly much longer. That was a breakthrogh in quadrocopter technology. Congratulation !

  3. […] that can carry much improved camera equipment, such as in the example below, or developments in recharging technology that may eventually allow much longer flight […]

  4. WOW i did not read about this Challenge but the Video is IMPRESSIVE! Would be worth to blog about your Post here in Germany! Could i share the Video?

  5. John Pieri says:

    Thank you geniuses, you give humanity so much hope for a better world. Wireless electrical transmission will revolutionize civilization and you guys are the awesome Revolutionaries. I am so excited about this breakthrough……….ineffable changes are afoot.

  6. […] The Kansas City Space Pirates are going to be going for an unofficial record this coming weekend, the record set by LaserMotive Technologies in late October of 2010.  What LaserMotive did then was make a quadrocopter (an AscTec Pelican) fly continuously for 12 hours and 27 minutes. powered solely by laser beam.  A video of that flight can be found on the LaserMotive website. […]