LaserMotive is a Seattle-based company developing wireless power delivery systems using lasers to transmit electricity without wires, for applications where wires are either cost prohibitive or physically impractical. Our first project was to win the 2009 NASA Centennial Challenges Power Beaming Challenge, which we did by winning the Level 1 prize in 2009. LaserMotive has a technical backgrounder on the results of our entry in the 2009 Power Beaming contest.

LaserMotive is founded on our belief in wireless power as a “powerful” solution for a variety of applications, near-term and in the future, in space and on the Earth. Recent advances in commercial laser technology are bringing many exciting applications within the reach of economic and technical viability, from powering unmanned aerial vehicles to launching rockets via laser power to beaming limitless solar energy from space to the Earth. The Power Beaming Challenge has been an excellent first step along LaserMotive’s path to demonstrating the physical and economic viability of laser power beaming.

The LaserMotive team has decades of experience across numerous fields, and includes world-class laser power beaming experts, experienced machinists, electrical engineers, systems engineers, programmers, and more.

LaserMotive is working for NASA to design the architecture of satellite power and rocket launch using lasers. At the same time, we are developing commercial wireless power systems, initially for military use in powering unmanned aerial vehicles and remote sensors, but eventually growing to other applications such as space-based solar power to beam solar energy from orbit to the Earth.

See our company history for a list of our achievements.

You can read more in the LaserMotive Press Kit:

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