Team LaserMotive

LaserMotive was created in 2007 with the express goal of winning the NASA-sponsored Power Beaming competition as its first project.  To that end, we sponsored Team LaserMotive, which was the sole winner of the 2009 Power Beaming competition Level 1 prize, bringing home $900,000.

Teams entering the Power Beaming Challenge were required to power a vehicle 1 kilometer (nearly 3,300 feet) straight up a ribbon using only energy beamed to the vehicle from the ground. Our team was the only one to succeed in the 2009 competition. The Power Beaming Challenge was an excellent first step along the path to demonstrating the physical and economic viability of laser power beaming.

20091106_N1773-GroupLaserMotive is a team with literally decades of experience in a variety of areas, and includes world-class laser power beaming experts, experienced machinists, electrical engineers, systems engineers, and programmers.

To win the Power Beaming competition, the LaserMotive system used a high-power laser array to shine ultra-intense infrared light onto high-efficiency solar cells, converting the light into electric power which then drove a motor. For commercial wireless power systems, the electric power coming out of the solar cells can be used for nearly any electrical application.

We are deeply appreciative of our sponsors for their generous support during our pursuit of the Power Beaming Competition prize.