Power over Fiber

LaserMotive offers a complete line of Power over Fiber (PoF) products to meet almost any power requirement you have! The LFP series offers the highest power output of any PoF solution. The LFP series offers:

  • Electrically-isolated power delivery over distances up to 1 kilometer and beyond
  • The highest PoF power levels in the world
  • The lowest price-per-watt of any PoF system
  • Complete turn-key solution
  • Options for light weight receivers (for aerial use) and data over fiber

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Laser Wireless Power

The company is developing laser wireless power for a variety of applications. Output power levels can currently range from a few watts up to many kilowatts, and the limit can scale arbitrarily high with multiple transmitters and/or receivers.  The power link will reach over ranges from across the room up to many kilometers away. Initial applications: