Power over Fiber

LaserMotive’s Power over Fiber (PoF) technology delivers power over lightweight, non-conducting fiber optic cable. Our products can be tailored to your needs.

Mark 1: Micro-PoF


  • 10 watts DC power out
  • DC regulated output at 5V (3.3V or 12V optional)
  • 580 gram receiver
  • Up to 500 meter long fiber (10 meter is default)

Download the data sheet for more information. Options:

  • Fiber length can be customized based on customer need
  • Gigabit ethernet or USB via fiber optic cable
  • Available with or without data communications
  • Other voltage outputs (3.3V, 12V, others) available

Mark 2

PoF_FrankenParrot-N0866The photo at right shows the Mark 2 PoF integrated with an off the shelf, consumer quadrocopter, flying at the SPIE DS&S trade show.

Specifications of the Mark 2 (quadrocopter not included):

  • 70 watts DC power out
  • 150 gram receiver
  • Up to 500 meter long fiber (10 meter fiber is default)

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