Imagine being able to keep an electric aircraft aloft forever.  Imagine an unmanned underwater vehicle that can remain on mission indefinitely. Imagine a communications relay on a remote mountain top that does not require fuel deliveries or an expensive power line run.  All of this and more is possible with wireless power delivery, using lasers to deliver electrical power with light.  Learn more about the technology at our wireless power overview.

Laser power beaming has become practical within only the last decade, as diode lasers have become more efficient and less expensive.  Now that system efficiencies of nearly 25 percent have been demonstrated (with a clear technical path to achieving greater than 30 percent in the near future and eventually approaching 50 percent), a variety of applications make economic sense. LaserMotive is leading the effort to turn what until recently was science fiction into science and commercial reality.

You can find out more about how wireless power can apply to your industry in some of our reports.